Recap / Kamen Rider Build Ep 34 The Severing Best Match, Kamen Rider Build 34

Kamen Rider Evol’s power is unleashed in full this week, as we mở cửa the episode on a one-sided encounter between Evol and our main heroes. He manages to de-power all three protagonists in a single move, as well as injecting Sento with a poison only found on Mars. During the battle, Evol remarks that he is doing all of this using only about 2% of his maximum power.

Sento, in the show’s timeline, is said khổng lồ have only three days to lớn live.

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We skip two of those days in a flash forward, và begin a tense sequence as the fallout of the previous battle begins khổng lồ take shape. Isurugi sets an obvious trap, hoping to lớn lure Banjou and Misora khổng lồ the lab. He offers khổng lồ save Sento in exchange for Pandora’s Box and all of Touto’s Full Bottles. As these scenes play out, it’s easy khổng lồ see that tensions are higher than ever. Evol is in complete control, the master moving every piece on the board. The layers of mystery are pulled off, one by one, và we find out the truth of Sento’s connection lớn Faust, as well as Banjou’s connection khổng lồ Evolt.

After the truth is revealed, we are treated to lớn a flashback of Katsuragi Takumi, before his memory is erased, acting as the Sento we know now. The earlier plot thread with Sento’s roommate, Satou Taro, is revived và wrapped up, and the pieces begin khổng lồ fall into place.

This is where, for me, it seems as though Build has truly entered its final arc. In this scene, we also learn that Evol was lying when he promised to lớn save Sento, & he tells the two remaining members of Team Build that the only way khổng lồ purge Sento’s poison is to kill Evol himself. They are fighting, not only for the Bottles and the Box, but now for Sento’s life.

A piece of Evol’s true nature is revealed during the battle, as it once again comes down to him và Banjou alone. Evol, in the translation done by Over-time at least, quotes Christopher Nolan’s version of DC Comics villain The Joker almost directly, asking Banjou, “Why so serious?” as he begins to explain his view.

Down, de-powered, và struggling, Banjou begins lớn give a monologue and the music intensifies, growing more and more emotionally charged. As it plays on, Banjou gets khổng lồ his feet, transforms once again, & re-enters the fight. The whole scene is largely reminiscent of the previous series’ Christmas special, in which a main anh hùng Rider was killed. As the battle goes on, all signs point lớn a major loss coming for Team Build, from dialogue to music to shot composition. After reaching Hazard level 5.0, Banjou is able to lớn briefly overpower Evol, và the two clash with a finishing attack. The result is an explosion of radiation and light that looks almost nuclear.

Only Banjou is left standing, và he wipes away Sento’s poison before revealing that Evolt transferred itself into Banjou’s body, allowing Isurugi to lớn be killed. This marks the debut of Kamen Rider Evol Phase 2, rồng Form, though we only see it briefly.

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All in tall, this episode is an intense, emotional roller coaster that ultimately ends on a bittersweet, anxiety-inducing cliffhanger. It seems this show just continues to lớn improve every single week, & this trend shows no signs of slowing down.

Who else out there is looking forward to what comes next for Kamen Rider Build? Leave a bình luận and let’s discuss!

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Episode 35: “Tower of Destruction” (破滅のタワー)

Hot off the heels of the last episode, Evolt transforms into his new rồng Form, which makes use of Cross-Z’s helmet design. He’s basically just showing off as he decides to stroll into the building khổng lồ get Pandora’s Box và ditch them. Sento won’t take that sitting down, so despite literally just crawling out of an ambulance, he’s ready to lớn fight Evol.

This is when we get the full context of what’s going on with Ryuga. As it turns out, the substance that made its way back from Mars was a part of Evolt, which was attempting to possess Ryuga’s mother, but accidentally possessed the baby in her womb. So technically, Ryuga isn’t the space baby I figured, he’s just a human who got possessed by alien powers that fused with him khổng lồ the point they remained dormant. So as Blood Stalk, Evolt was constantly raising Ryuga’s Hazard màn chơi for the sake of making him strong enough to fuse with, basically. Damn. That all comes together nicely.

After all that exposition, Evol ditches Build with the bottles and the box, but he forgot one! More on that in a sec. For now, we get something I wasn’t expecting: Soichi is separated from Evolt, as he’s in Ryuga’s toàn thân now. In true toku fashion, however, he’s in the hospital for now so we can’t actually find out what he has khổng lồ say yet. To lớn be fair though, Evolt did kinda let himself deliberately take a LOT of beatings leading up to the Evol Driver reveal, so he deserves some rest.

More on that bottle. I dunno who to credit for this cleverness, but Gentoku still had the Phoenix Fullbottle with him, meaning Sento wants khổng lồ work together against Evolt. However, before they can really strike up a deal, Evolt forces them all to lớn the middle of Pandora Tower for his big moment.

As you’d expect, everyone would rather punch him than let him vị what he pleases, but that doesn’t go so well khổng lồ say the least. As it turns out, Evol is now acting against Namba since he’s OPENING Pandora’s Box, so it’s up lớn Utsumi khổng lồ go order Evol to lớn stop - which goes as well as you’d expect. With no one capable enough to stop him, all 60 of the Fullbottles are in place và Pandora’s Box - as well as Pandora Tower - is fully formed!

This would be a fun time for the show lớn take a week long break due to sports, but we’ve been pretty lucky in that regard.


Episode 37: “The Ultimate Phase” (究極のフェーズ)

Using his newly obtained form, Evol is now on Phase 3 of his personal level system, and makes quick work of Grease by… what I assume was destroying his Sclashjelly, but I guess he just made a little mess with it. & he didn’t even have to do anything khổng lồ Ryuga, because he took back any DNA left on him, making Ryuga a completely normal human who can’t transform. Vernage makes a desperate attempt to lớn escape by taking the entirety of the coffe and their lab, & repositioning it ssssomewhere by the sea? Sure. Be interesting to lớn see the reaction to lớn that later.

Ryuga and Kazumi make desperate attempts of their own as they come lớn Gentoku, at Faust’s old hideout, khổng lồ try & give Ryuga a Hazard màn chơi again. But Gentoku is honest about how he doesn’t really know anything about science, và the process involved Evolt, so… they’re out of luck. Kazumi however does give an awesome speech about how Sento always fought for love and peace, và in some way, they were all fighting for the same thing. Interesting tidbit dropped here where Rogue’s gear apparently can only be used when a certain emotional drive is involved, and as we’ve learned, Gentoku is pretty drained of motivation lately, so he’s in as just of a bad place as Ryuga…

It’s really just up lớn Grease lớn try & take on both Evolt & the gear bros, but just as Grease becomes outnumbered, Rogue shows up! With a refreshed outlook on life, he’s decided that his father doesn’t have to be the one khổng lồ run Toto, & neither does he - but he can sure make way for a brighter future regardless. The combined strength of these two still isn’t quite enough to challenge Evol’s power - he’s proving just how much of an endgame villain he is.

That’s when Ryuga pulls a Sento & gets a clever idea. Wrestling off the rồng Evolbottle from Evol’s arsenal, he attempts khổng lồ use it lớn punch the heck out of him, only for it to actually work! It turns a gold color, & the Cross-Z long flies over khổng lồ him, turning red as he inserts the new bottle. Using it in the Build Driver, he transforms into Great Cross-Z, which is… basically the original Cross-Z with some Evol-y colors here và there. Not as great as you’d expect.

In his new form, Cross-Z is surprisingly doing damage khổng lồ Evol. Not only that, but his Hazard level has in fact returned proper, as he switches to Cross-Z Magma & proves to lớn be a formidable force. As the three Riders huddle together for a finisher, though, Evol blocks it with the Evol Trigger & lets it absorb their energy, allowing it lớn truly awaken.

Now Evolt, as Kamen Rider Evol, uses the Evol Trigger in the Evol Driver with his Evolbottles (NAMES ARE HARD) and transforms into his Blackhole form - the final form. What a twi–

Oh, & Sento has been separated from Evolt,and he’s back khổng lồ normal… which means he no longer has amnesia & is now aware that he’s Katsuragi Takumi! WHAT. A. TWIST.

So Build’s doing pretty damn well. It has been high stakes for a while, but now we are in some heavy over game territory with plenty of episodes to spare. I am super interested in seeing where this Katsuragi thing goes.

These four episodes in particular were a lot of fun to lớn marathon since they are so connected - it felt like a Steven Universe bomb done right, y"know? The one with the zoo? Good times.


Oh và since I know I’ll be asked about it: Yep, the magazine reveals for May did in fact include Kamen Rider Mad Rogue, who won’t be appearing until the next episode. The magazines show off what’s appearing in that month, though there are exceptions when it comes lớn movies/spinoffs. Regardless, this was an odd one to see in the magazine and not in the show.

I think their reasoning for this was probably to vì with the DX Bat
Engine Fullbottle set being released alongside the DX Evol Driver - people who aren’t following spoilers will probably wonder what those bottles are for and why the promo images specifically involve using the Evol Driver for this phối of bottles.

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